Sallys Rocking Horses Ltd

Sallys Rocking Horses Ltd

Vintage and Antique Rocking Horses

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Stable of Contemporary  Rocking Horses
There are still rocking horses being made today, though the quality is a bit variable from the outstanding Harry Wakefield, Stevensons, Haddons and others progressing down in terms of quality to various amateur built horses and imports from developing countries. Each has it's own charm and purpose and value of course. Bargains may be had here or perhaps a shrewd long term investment.
  • Stevensons rocking horse Henry
    Stevensons Bros rocking horse

  • Equine rocking horse Manders
    Australian Equine rocking horse

  • Walkers rocking horse Curly
    Walkers Rocking Horses 1970

  • rocking horse works rocking horse Tantrum
    Rocking Works No 284, 1998

    Reduced to £995
  • Haddons rocking horse Issy
    Haddons Pony model rocking horse

    Sorry Sold
  • Relko bow rocking horse Polly
    Relko Nursery bow rocking horse.

  • Haddon bow rocker Mini
    Haddons Nursery bow rocking horse.

  • Armstrong rocking horse Charlotte
    Dapple finished Armstrong rocking horse

  • Whittingham Crafts rocking horse Elgar
    Whittingham Crafts Rocking Horse

  • Armstrong Rocking Horse Charlie
    Restored rocking horse by Ian Armstrong

    Sorry Sold
  • Hobby horse Merry
    Merrythought hobby horse

  • Contemporary rocking horse Badger
    Contemporary bow rocking horse