Sallys Rocking Horses Ltd

Sallys Rocking Horses Ltd

Vintage and Antique Rocking Horses

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Original Antique Rocking Horses.
These are old antique rocking horses generally in an original condition. The emphasis is on retaining original features and "condition" rather than a fully restored finish, which may then give little indication of age.
  • Crandall spring rocking horse Frederick
    A Crandall spring horse
  • Ayres rocking horse Cameron
    Highly original F H Ayres rocking horse.
    Sorry Sold
  • Smith rocking horse Helena
    Highly original JR and T Smith rocking horse.
  • Baby carriages rocking horse Georgina
    Beautifully Baby Carriages rocking horse.
    Sorry Sold
  • Collinsons restored Ayres Chatsworth
    Ayres rocking horse with Collinsons restoration.
  • Roebuck rocking horse Eppie
    Roebuck rocking horse

  • collinsons rocking horse India
    Small plush covered Collinsons rocking horse


  • Vintage Rocking Horse

    German made bow/push along horse

    Sorry Sold

  • Crossley Bros rocking horse Fosse
    Crossley Bros of Blackpool rocking horse.

    Sorry Sold

  • Antique german bow rocking horse Hettie
    German made hide covered horse on a bow rocker

    Now £350

  • Antique Sprung Horse Kendrick
    Patent design spring horse circa 1920

    Now £225

  • Shoefly type rocking horse Lavender
    Shoofly style rocking horse

    Now £170

  • German made plush covered toy horse

    German made push along horse


  • Papier mache toy horse

    Papier mache push along toy horse


  • German plush vintage rocking horse

    German plush covered horse

    Now £95