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A fully and sympathetically restored three seater on a Marqua stand by G&J Lines.
  • Lines three seater rocking horse
  • Lines three seater rocking horse
  • Lines three seater rocking horse
  • antique three seater rocking horse
Relatively few three seater horses have survived, although Limerick has had replacement seats and baskets, all the work has been carried out to the highest standards sympathetic to the original design. This has been treated as a special horse, with his name embroidered on his saddle. Rather than being displayed in my showroom, Limerick has been my favourite and had pride of place in my home.
Restoration of such a special horse had to be in keeping and done to the highest order. Limerick is a suitably imposing horse worthy of a suitable setting, he has the additional novelty of being able to take three children.

Height 49.5"

Body Length 28"

Overall length 78"

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To purchase or find out more about this horse, please contact Sally, either by email or phone on the links on the footer, or better still, visit our showroom in the scenic Shropshire Hills, we would be delighted to see you.

G&J Lines operated from 1850-1931 initially in the busy King's Cross area of London. They became Victorian England's largest rocking horse maker, yet maintained the highest qualities of workmanship and carving. G&J stands for the founding brothers, George and Joseph Lines

Prior to 1914 they operated five scattered workshops across London. The brackets usually have been stamped on the underside, with J&G being stamped on a slightly different model with a thicker neck to those stamped G&J.