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Thuringian Toy Company circa 1920
  • German bow rocking horse
  • German bow rocking horse
  • german bow rocking horse
Clara is a German made hide covered horse dating to circa 1920. Although some wear and tear consistent with this age is inevitable, the hide on Clara is mostly intact. German companies made hide and plush covered horses in a variety of designs that involved a push horse mounted on a detachable bow. Thuringian Toy introduced a new model in the 1920s featuring the retractable wheels seen her on Clara. This is the first time we've had an example with this arrangement.
Clara appears to be constructed from papier mache, with a hide finish. The hide is missing from a few sections, notably the right hand neck. Right eye also missing.
Height 30.5"

Body Length 20.5"

Length Overall 44.5"
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The Thuringian Toy Company was one of a group of companies making rocking horse related toys in the Thuringian region of Germany. Before the first world war much of their output was cheaper horses for export to Britain and the USA, often hide covered, usually calfskin. They produced numerous designs, especially for the younger child were a combination of bow rocker and push or push along horse was popular. Production recommenced after the first world war, with continued innovation, plush for example, replacing calfskin. After the second world war, this area of Germany became part of East Germany. Toy manufacture continued, but was a mere shadow of it's pre war form.

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