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A patent design rocking horse by R & F W Kendrick, Loughborough
  • Kendrick Sprung rocking horse
  • Antique spring rocking horse
Made by R & F W Kendrick, Bedford Street, Loughborough circa 1920. Toys similar to this were very popular in the early part of the twentieth century, with an emphasis on health and exercise. Few seemed to have survived. This model by R and FW Kendrick features a spring and bellows so that a child riding the horse could bounce up and down in a controlled manner. (The bellows dampens the spring action.)

A patent for this design is stated in a mark on the base.
It is also mounted on wheels, one of which we have had to replace, so that the playing child also had the benefit of movement, either pulled or pushed.
Height 29.5"

Length Overall 36"
Reduced to £225
R & F W Kendrick, Bedford Street, Lougborough patented their "New" Riding Horse circa 1920.

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