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Antique Rocking Horse

Coppelia, Gamages Gee Swing rocking horse

Suspended rocking horses were fitted to be suspended from a ceiling by ropes. This was a rather clumsy and complicated arrangement, and does not seem to have survived past the Great War. As far as I am aware, no known suspended rocking horses have survived in that form.
Alfred Gamage, of the famous Gamages stores in London seems to have patented and sold the "Gamages Gee Swing" just prior to the Great War, it is likely that as a retailer Gamages would have had his rocking horses manufacturered by one or more of the established manufacturers of the day. Coppelia was acquired on a Marqua stand, but did feature a bolt through the horse at the rump and another towards the middle of the horse. Both these locations featured in trade catalogues of the time as location points for suspended rocking horses.
The inside of the mouth is also enlarged, in suspended rocking horse designs a piece of ironwork was fitted in here to hold the front of the horse. Missing would be the iron work required to lead the attached ropes clear of the rider and possibly improve stability.
This rocking horse is currently held in stock, hopefully pending a restoration as a suspended horse, probably on a portable frame.
Enquiries welcome however!
Height 30"

Body Length 21"

Length Overall 37"
Gamages was a major department store in London between 1878 and 1972 founded by Arthur Walter Gamage. The stores have left a legacy in the form of their catalogues, Gamages being very active in the mail order business.
Suspended rocking horses featured in the Gamages catalogues prior to the Great War (1914-18), as the Gamages Gee Swing.

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