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New and Old Rocking Horse Books

Practically all the rocking horse books are "out of print", being such a specialist subject that seems inevitable. I have a limited stock listed below. I do apologise for the price of the Mullins, unfortunately such a large hardback, full of quality photographs is hardly likely to be republished soon and it does reflect the price I have to pay when I have been lucky enough to come across one.

Rare and out of print books about old rocking horses.

Rocking Horses, Woodwork Projects
by Margaret Spencer 1991
Hardback 25cm by 20cm 160 Pages
ISBN 1 85223 454 7
Making Rocking Horses
by Tony Dew 1984
Hardback 25cm by 18cm 128 Pages
ISBN 0 7153 8614 X
Restoring Rocking Horses
by Clive Green
ISBN 1 85223 454 7
Rocking Horses
by Marguerite Fawdry 1989
Hardback 19 cm by 26 cm 96 Pages
ISBN 0 9505588 8 5
The Rocking Horse Book
by Patricia Mullins 1992
Hardback 28cm by 30 cm. 376 Pages
Includes case and supplement "Int Survey of Rocking Horse Manufacture"
by Marguerite Fawdry
ISBN 0 904568 695
Rocking Horse Book
by Ruth Bottomley
Paperback 21cm by 15cm 32 Pages
ISBN 0 7478 0138 X

Note most of these rocking horse books were printed over 20 years ago. They are therefore pre-owned, whilst sold in "good" condition, there may be wear associated with used books of this age. Post and Packing for the UK is £3.99, except the Mullins which is £5.99. Overseas prices on application.

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The Rocking Horse Magazine was published quarterly from 1999 until 2001, this was promoted by Anthony Dew at the Rocking Horse Shop.
Anthony is both a prolific writer on rocking horses as well as being an accomplished maker and restorer and has done much to further the revival of rocking horses since the 1990's.

Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 1 : Sept 1999

Articles on Leeway rocking horses, slab sided rocking horses and more.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 2 : Dec 1999
Articles on Fangfest, Collinsons, School rocking horses and more.

Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 3 : March 2000
Articles on Ayres, A carved hobby horse and more.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 4 : June 2000
Articles on Lines, Gingerbread Horse, Hobby Horse Cross Stitch and Green on Rockers (Restoration).
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 5 : Sept 2000
Articles on Laminated rocking horses, Baby Carriages and more.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 6 : Dec 2000
Articles on Bow Rockers, Tulipwood, Rocking horse relief and Green on old rockers.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 7 : March 2001
Articles on bobbin horse, Green on old Rockers and more.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 8 : June 2001
Articles on fibre-glass horses, Time capsules and Green on Rockers.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 9 : Sept 2001
Articles on classic old horses, Western saddles, Virginian rocking horses and Green on Rockers.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Issue 10 : Dec 2001
Articles on rocking zebra, Green on Rockers (Restoration) and more.
Rocking Horse Magazine
Special Edition Issue : 2000
Articles Slab-sided rocking horses and Leeway rocking horses.