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A fully restored and extra carved JR
Smith rocking horse circa 1900-1916

Polo is a spendidly restored JR  Smith rocking horse circa 1910. This is a quality restoration retaining original paintwork with conservation were needed. The original stand is in good condition and free of any infestation.
Polo has been completely outfitted with a new natural horse hair mane and tail, new tack, including leather saddle , fixed bridle and reins and new stirrups. Attractive blue rossettes complete his kit.
Polo is a top quality "extra carved" rocking horse, with enhancements to his carving on the neck and legs.
Height 43"

Body Length  24"

Overall Length 53"
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The firm of JR & T Smith operated from a number of addresses in North London between 1881 and 1916. Although the firm struggled financially and eventually went bust, it was a sizable manufacturer producing a range of rocking horses, tricycle horses and prams. Although lesser known, the quality of carving of Smith horses is on a par with Lines and Ayres.
JR & T Smith rocking horses are distinctive in having the rocking brackets sitting over the pillars.

Extra carving is a term used to describe enhanced or extra carving on the neck and/or legs to imitate the musculature of a real horse. It thus produces a more realistic and detailed rocking horse. This was usually offered as an additional option or deluxe model on a standard model. It is also often associated with added detail such as teeth or even a tongue.

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