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Antique Rocking Horse

"Lucky", An antique bow rocking horse.

Brooke is a Brassington and Cooke rocking horse, made in Manchester probably in the 1920s. He is in need of a full restoration and hence sold on that basis. The original paintwork is a dapple grey, though little of it survives. The chestnut paint seem is an over coat and is itself worn, with some areas to bare wood. Both ears and eyes have been lost, along with half of one of the cross pieces. The crosspieces themselves have moderate woodworm, there is also light woodworm on the horse at the top of one leg. Two have the legs appear to have had repairs.

Tack is surprisingly intact, just a brow band and bridle actually missing, though the saddle is worn and torn in the seat area.

An excellent authenticated antique restorable to working condition.

Height 34.5"

Body Length 21"

Length Overall 42"
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