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A Roebuck rocking horse.

Eppie is a Roebuck rocking horse in original condition with some wear and tear. He dates from the 1960s as indicated by his blue and yellow plastic tack. The paintwork shows some wear, mainly caused by the lack of gesso on the straight grain pine used. The saddle is leather, although the red colouring has been worn off. The tartan saddlecloth is mostly worn away, leaving mere fragments. The blonde natural horse hair mane and tail seem to be original and fairly good condition for 50 years old. One stirrup is missing. The stand is again original and in sound condition. This is a Roebuck rocking horse, made in Australia in the 1960s. As such it's value is in retaining originality, although some conservation work may be required, that tends to be a personal preference as to it's extent.
Height 40.5"

Body Length 22"

Length Overall 48"
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Roebuck rocking horses was started by Frederick Roebuck who emigrated from England in 1885. By 1900 he was established making rocking horses in Sydney, Australia. The firm had mixed fortunes, almost disappearing in the Great Depression, reviving, surviving WW2 to have a boom in the 1950s and 60s before succumbing to competition from plastic toys and imports and ceasing trading in 1972. As the 1960's progressed, Roebuck's cut costs to stay in business, introducing plastic tack and not gessoing the horses.

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