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Beautiful Baby Carriages rocking horse in largely original condition.

Georgina is an excellent example of the fine carving and design associated with Baby Carriages rocking horses. The head is arched and tucked in, as in the graceful lines associated with this marque. The paintwork, all original, is of superb quality, condition being consistent with a rocking horse of this age (1930-40). Georgina appears to have been re-tacked at some stage, judging by it’s condition this was some time ago. However, the tack is of excellent quality, and if anything has improved with age. The stand, all original, is in sound condition, as indeed is the horse, and hence in full working order. A light restoration is recommended, retaining the character of this fine old rocking horse. The price quoted with restoration may include touching up damaged paintwork, new mane and tail, replacement of the saddlecloth and re-varnishing of the stand.
Height 45.5"

Body Length 26"

Length Overall 54"
Baby Carriages of Liverpool developed from the older firm of Hill and Harrison in 1906. They seem to have made a range of products, especially perambulators as suggested by the name. By the 1930s, they seem to be using the Rambler Toys trademark, usually applied to the stand as a transfer logo. They also used a BCL transfer, referring to Baby Carriages Limited. They ceased trading in 1963.

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