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Lines and Triang Rocking Horses

Lines were Victorian England's largest rocking horse makers, going on to become the world's largest toy makers for a time, (as Triang rocking horses). Nevertheless the quality was still something even the best makers today will struggle to attain. The company went trough some changes, from a small family toy maker in 1850 to a large company in Victorian-Edwardian London and then a break away off shoot, Lines Bros, eventually absorbing the parent company and trading as Triang. Lines horses tend to have a more feminine look than Ayres, and are just as sought after. Distinct variations were G&J Lines, J&G Lines and the Lines/Triang Sportiboy. An off shoot of the parent company, G Woodrow and Co, traded as Swallow Toys.

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The original Lines company was trading in the period circa 1880 to 1931 variously as G&J Lines or J&G Lines, the initials referring to the two brothers, George and Joseph Lines. The operated a number of small factories in North London, making a wide range of toys. Lines Bros, despite the original founders being brothers, relates to George's three sons who after the first world war broke away from the parent company to trade as Lines Bros.

Lines Bros rationalised the business and flourished on the growing mass market for toys. In 1927 they became Triang and for a while became the world's largest toy company. Their spendid wooden rocking horses however did not survive in production after World War 2, although Triang did make cheaper metal and plastic rocking horses for the post war mass market.

Today a Lines is an excellent long term investment as a family heirloom. Although toy fashions go and come, a good rocking horse will always to a long term favourite.

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