Antique Ayres rocking horses

Paddlesworth : An antique rocking horse by F H Ayres, restored by Stevensons

Paddlesworth is a stunning large early extra carved Ayres rocking horse, dating to circa 1890-1900.

Although he has had a quality restoration from Stevensons of Kent, his paintwork has had a sympathetic restoration, preserving much of the "condition one would associate with a rocking horse over 120 years old. As usual, Stevensons finish and tack are of the highest quality and it even includes one of their embroidered horse blankets with his name.

This is a large horse, do not think his height is "just 51 inches", these early Ayres stood much lower on the stand, with a body length of 33", this is the size of rocking horse we would expect to find with a height of 54" or more. Add in the stand nicely polished wood in perfect condition, again a substantive solid stand with morticed joints of the type Ayres use on their later famous D Types.

Finally such a stunning horse could not have been without extra carving, including teeth and a tongue. Paddleswoth is close to being the ultimate collector's horse for many

A restored Rocking Horse
Height 51"
Body Length 33"
Overall Length 71"
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Frederick Henry Ayres was one of the leading late Victorian toy and rocking horse manufacturers. Probably second only to Lines in output, many would regard Ayres as more classic. F H Ayres was innovative with a string of interesting patents for rocking horse designs. The firm was based at 111 Aldersgate, London from 1864 until 1940, supplying most London department stores, such as Harrods as well as being widely exported. Ayres rocking horses are undoubtably the most collectable of antique rocking horses.

"Extra carving" refers to additional detailed carving put on a horse on the neck and legs to replicate musculature and give a more realistic look to the horse. It was often an additional extra on otherwise standard horses.

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