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My collection of antique rocking horses is easily the largest in one place, in the UK, outside of a museum. I have a dedicated business premises so I highly recommend a visit if you want to have genuine choice in a good setting. I also exhibit at some antiques fairs, you may be able to arrange a viewing at a location nearer to you. I probably sell more antique rocking horses than anyone else, I achieve this through competitive pricing and service. You may find cheaper on Ebay, and view obscure photographs. (I use a professional photographic studio to produce a portfolio of quality high resolution photographs of each rocking horse.)

You may travel far to see a rocking horse in someone's garage and find is not what you are really after, costing you valuable money and time! I would love to see you in my showroom and offer you a real choice, but failing that please view this website and be impressed. It is not full of rocking horses sold ten years ago, anything sold is immediately removed from the main stock page.


Furthermore many old rocking horses are simply miss-sold, the antiques trade requires extensive knowledge across such a range of topics, it is not surprising some will get it wrong. As a specialist I know my rocking horses, if you want to know more about a particular antique rocking horse, please email in and I will furnish you with my authentication, including the indicators I use to identify and date an old rocking horse.

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I can offer the security, convenience and piece of mind of taking debit and credit card payments, one of the few specialist dealers able to process card payments. The card company will refund you if your rocking horse doesn't arrive, even if you live on the other side of the world.

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Moving rocking horses, especially large ones, is not easy and can be quite expensive. I will deliver to most places in the UK for £85, which is very competitive with present day transport costs. You have the right under distance selling regulations to return a rocking horse if you are not satisfied. My delivery service allows me to make sure that you are happy with your rocking horse when delivered, as back loading is then relatively easy if you are not.

Browse the internet as much as you want, some sites may offer as many as a dozen antique rocking horses at best. You will not find a wider selection, and I do pride myself on having broad tastes in rocking horses and related items. Enjoy my collection, it does change rapidly, so I highly recommend signing up to my monthly newsletter and new stock

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Terms and Conditions
All goods sold as antique or restored are subject to the descriptions given in our condition reports. Sally's Rocking Horses Ltd can only accept responsibility for the accuracy and validity of these documents as related to the item sold, for which we endeavour to be as complete and accurate as is reasonable based on inspection of the item and considered expert opinion.
Antique rocking horses rarely have definitive provenance, and are sold subject to descriptions matching the evidence available.
Antique rocking horses, whilst often perfectly serviceable cannot be sold as toys for children were lead based paints have been used. Neither can original workmanship be guaranteed, though we endeavour to ensure that contemporary repair work is up to current standards prohibiting the use of lead based paints and toxins in other materials.
Gesso cracks, defined as less than 1mm across are common on many antique rocking horses, and even on many newer ones. They are caused by the relatively flexible wood underneath the more rigid gesso covering, especially at leg joints, moving over time, and do not usually indicate any structural problems.
In original rocking horses, original tack, usually in leather and fabrics will often be too fragile for actual use.  
We want you to be happy with your purchase, and in any case we comply with the European Distance Selling Regulations, which allows you to withdraw from a purchase bought over the internet within 7 days of receipt of goods. The item must be returned in the condition it was received, and the purchaser is responsible for transport costs. For details of these regulations and the sale of goods act, go to

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