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Antique Ayres rocking horses

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Widely regarded as the finest Victorian and Edwardian rocking horses, Frederick Henry Ayres combined a flair for innovation with high quality.

Ayres's horses tended to look more masculine, the large top of the range extra carved horses are certainly impressive. The magnificent Ayres D Type models are very sought after featuring extra carving, turned and tilted heads and impressive fully morticed stands. Ayres also made spring stand horses, patent turning head models and bow rocking horses to mention but a few innovations.

Ayres rocking horses are much sought after, so stocking this page presents challenges as Ayres horses are often gone before they get listed.

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Frederick Henry Ayres was one of the leading late Victorian toy and rocking horse manufacturers. Probably second only to Lines in output, many would regard Ayres as more classic. F H Ayres was innovative with a string of ` interesting patents for rocking horse designs. The firm was based at 111 Aldersgate, London from 1864 until 1940, supplying most London department stores, such as Harrods as well as being widely exported. Ayres rocking horses are undoubtably the most collectable of antique rocking horses. `

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