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Antiques are generally classed as 100 years or more old, though we do include horses up until 1940 in this category as there was such a change in the type and style of rocking horses prior to the second world war and after.

The leading makers were Lines and Ayres, though there are many others. Generally these horses were beautifully hand crafted, intended to make a statement in a school or nursery setting. We value "condition" when it is preservable, but quite often horses of this age have had at least one restoration. In fact as family heirlooms they are likely to have seen a number of generations of children and like time lords, they re-generate for each one.

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Frederick Henry Ayres was one of the leading late Victorian toy and rocking horse manufacturers. Probably second only to Lines in output, many would regard Ayres as more classic. F H Ayres was innovative with a string of ` interesting patents for rocking horse designs. The firm was based at 111 Aldersgate, London from 1864 until 1940, supplying most London department stores, such as Harrods as well as being widely exported. Ayres rocking horses are undoubtably the most collectable of antique rocking horses. `

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