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Lines Sportiboy Rocking Horse circa 1925-30


Fully restored Lines Bros Sportiboy rocking horse. Comprehensive restoration includes renovation of the stand, repainting and a complete refit with new leather tack and a natural horsehair blonde mane and tail. Brackets bear the SP02 stamp, indicating the sportiboy 2 model. Bridle and saddle are fixed. (Restored)

The picture of the bracket shows the firm's stamp "LBL SP2", indicating Lines Bros Ltd, Sportiboy 2, the second of four size options, one being the smallest.

The final picture shows the wood at the end of the base. As sportiboy horse had a small metal badge nailed at each end of the base, the remnants of nail holes are visible. In this case two nail holes indicates it once had the earlier (1925-30) round badge, as opposed to the later triangular (Triang) badge held in with three nails.

Height 35"
Body Length 19"
Length 36"

Lines Bros was a company formed after World War 1 by George and Walter Lines, sons of Joseph Lines who had founded the famous Lines company. Lines Bros became Triang in 1927 and went on the absorb the parent company and for a while become the largest toy maker in the world.

They are renowned for their sportiboy model, available in a number of sizes it featured a detachable saddle, bowler hat covers on the irons and pillar tops and the distinctive circular, later triangular triang badge.

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