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Vintage are generally items made over 25 years ago until becoming antique at the grand old age of 100. We make the antique break with the second world war as so much changed in the toy industry during that period

Leading makers in this period include Collinsons of Liverpool, Baby Carriages, Swallow Toys

Collinsons of Liverpool made rocking horses from 1836 until 1992 in over 5 generations of the same family. Prolific in the post war period, most of our Collinsons are vintage as opposed to antique. Collinsons are classic rocking horses with excellent investment value as a family heirloom.

This stable also contains horses by Baby Carriages (Rambler Toys), also of Liverpool Finer carved with distinctive tucked in heads, Baby Carriages have even better investment potential.

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Collinsons of Liverpool is a famous rocking horse making family going back as far as 1836. They are especially collectable today from their postwar output, producing cheaper horses in the increasingly mass produced markets emerging. At this period their designs are quite distinctive with rectangular pillars, diamond shaped pillar covers, brass pin eyes, cordouroy saddles and a distinctive paint design. Medium and larger horses seem to have used rocking iron brackets from what must have been an enormous stock of Lines brackets.
Production tailed off in the 1980s, with the firm ceasing trading after five generations in the same family in 1992.

Baby Carriages of Liverpool developed from the older firm of Hill and Harrison in 1906. They seem to have made a range of products, especially perambulators as suggested by the name. By the 1930s, they seem to be using the Rambler Toys trademark, usually applied to the stand as a transfer logo. They also used a BCL transfer, referring to Baby Carriages Limited. They ceased trading in 1963.

Although there are some similarities between the two firms, Baby Carriages have much finer carving, with the head well tucked in and a more classic dapple finish, hence the higher prices they command.

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