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Antique model by Lines

Antique model of Cat and Fiddle pub Hampshire

Model of the Cat and Fiddle, Hinton and painting on an artist's pallette both signed J Lines.

Joseph Lines was co-founder and main driving force of G and J Lines Ltd, whose sons went on to form the Traing toy company which in the 1950s was the world's largest toy maker.

Joseph passed away in 1932 and these items are believed to have come from a house in the New Forest associated with him.
The base of the model is on hardboard, which can be possibly dated as early as 1900, wasn't in widespread use until after 1929, the probablity is that they were made sometime between 1929 and 1932.
The model features a light bulb inside the building (not currently working) to light up the windows, a background forest scene and trees to one side.
This charming public house was presumably a favourite of Joseph and is still standing today with it's original fascade, although added to at the rear, as it's now a Harvester. Situated in the village of Hinton on the A35, it is one of a number of public houses that make the new Forest such a popular holiday destination.

Model in glass case measures
Width 18" Depth 8" Height 7"

Pallette measures
Contact Details
G&J Lines operated from 1850-1931 initially in the busy King's Cross area of London. They became Victorian England's largest rocking horse maker, yet maintained the highest qualities of workmanship and carving. G&J stands for the founding brothers, George and Joseph Lines
Prior to 1914 they operated five scattered workshops across London. The brackets usually have been stamped on the underside, with J&G being stamped on a slightly different model with a thicker neck to those stamped G&J.

Lines Bros was a company formed after World War 1 by the sons of George and Walter Lines, it eventually absorbed the parent company and became Triang, for a time the world's largest toy company.

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