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Sally has been selling rare and collectible antique rocking horses for over 15 years, before that she was for many years a keen collector. She probably has the largest collection of antique rocking horses and moving horse toys in the country, and that despite it being a commercial collection with many of the finest pieces moving on quickly.

Sally is not always available, to avoid disappointment please make a booking through our Facebook Page Appointments or phone/email beforehand.

Sallys Rocking Horse Collection

This collection reflects both her passion and taste, the unusual and quirky complementing the classic. Where possible she appreciates originality and values that ethemeral quality that goes with "condition". The passion comes over in her presentation, as this is not about viewing a collection of wooden objects, but the whole history that lies behind rocking horses as toys, educational tools and a social history of their own.

Sallys Rocking Horse Collection

There are normally about 40 to 50 old rocking horses on display, but given Sally's broad catholic tastes and extensive knowledge, they fairly reflect social history of these enigmatic toys. The presentation is about an hour in Sally's dedicated studio in Chirbury, Shropshire.

The collection is viewable by appointment and arrangements can be made for group visits to suite for afternoons, evenings or weekends.

Sallys Rocking Horse Collection

The village of Chirbury, Shropshire has a pub that can offer catering, medieval church and other attractions. It is nestled between the Shropshire Hills and the Welsh Mountains Nearby is the town of Montgomery, well worth a visit in it's own right with a wealth of attractions that can make a visit to Sallys Rocking Horses a pleasant day out.

Visit a tearoom on Montgomery's classic Georgian square or explore the medieval castle overlooking the town, and much more.

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Sally knows her antiques and toy horses, her collection is amazing, surely unique. Well worth the visit.  -  Jill Hughes, Chirbury WI