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Genuine Ayres Rocking Horse

Reuben, An original condition rocking horse by F H Ayres.

I don't often come across really original horses like this one. Normally the tack is too far gone to restore, in this case, apart from the saddle bridle and stirrup leathers, the leatherwork is in remarkably good condition. As for a hundred and something year old paintwork, yes it has some appropriate condition, but again remarkably intact for a working artifact.

As an original Ayres as you can get, some conservation needed, but not restoration. The CSSA stenciled on the stand base will be a retailers mark, though as of yet we do not know which one.

Height 49"
Length of stand 54.5"
Body Length 28"


Contact Details

Phone 01938 561363

Email sally@sallysrockinghorses.com

Frederick Henry Ayres was one of the leading late Victorian toy and rocking horse manufacturers. Probably second only to Lines in output, many would regard Ayres as more classic. F H Ayres was innovative with a string of interesting patents for rocking horse designs. The firm was based at 111 Aldersgate, London from 1864 until 1940, supplying most London department stores, such as Harrods as well as being widely exported. Ayres rocking horses are undoubtably the most collectable of antique rocking horses.

To purchase or find out more about this horse, please contact Sally, either by email or phone on the links on the footer, or better still, visit our showroom in the scenic Shropshire Hills, we would be delighted to see you.