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A vintage rocking horse by Collinsons of Liverpool

Collinsons only made these plush finish rocking horses for a short period in the 1960s. In most case the plush is showing signs of wear and tear, thankfully "Willow" is fully intact as regards his plush finish.

Unusually Collinsons used a cloth saddle, in blue, which has also survived in good condition. In fact with a light makeover, Willow is an excellent buy, in full working order as a usuable rocking horse, with the investment value of a well known vintage brand. The current price is as is, it is likely to be a little higher with a makeover.

(The makeover would include renewing chrome decorative nails, new leather bridle, reins and stirrup leathers, finding him some stirrups and replacing the decorative trim.)

Height 35.5"

Body Length 20"

Length Overall 44"


Collinsons of Liverpool were an old family of rocking horse makers from the 1830s until 1992, spanning no less than five generations. They are particularly noted for their post war production when most of their competitors either ceased trading or stopped making rocking horses. The design is fairly distinctive, with crested heads, rectangular pillars and corduroy saddles as noteworthy indicators for this marque.

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