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Armstrong Rocking Horse

An Ian Armstrong rocking horse

Charlotte is a painted Ian Armstrong rocking horse, dating from circa 1990. Armstrong produced laminated rocking horses in the 1980s and 90s. Most of these rocking horses retained a natural wood finish, Charlotte has been painted a light dapple.
Charlotte is in excellent condition with only very minor indications of any wear or tear. The only restoration being to re-varnish the stand. This rocking horse has a natural chestnut horse hair mane and tail, and detachable leather tack. (The girth has been secured to the horse.)
This is a desireable rocking horse with some investment value as a collectable item.

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Height 43 inches

Body Length 25 inches

Length 48 inches
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Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong made a large number of these distinctive rocking horses in the 1980s-90s from a workshop in Durham. The laminate construction method used has been cleverly adapted to use the patterns in the wood to add to the rocking horse's appearance.
Laminate construction is a technique in making rocking horses whereby pre-cut shapes in plywood are assembled together and glued to make the body of the rocking horse. The assembled body is then sanded off ready for varnishing/painting. It is a technique that can reduce labour costs as the pre-cut sections can be cut on computer controlled machines. Plywood itself does not carve well, and so the technique leads to relatively chunky looking rocking horses. However most manufacturers who have used this technique have very cleverly used design to make up for this limitation, producing attractive rocking horses. Leading examples include Relko and Ian Armstrong.
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