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Vintage German toy horse

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This is a plush finished toy horse in largely original condition, wear to the plush consistent with age, though the fabric itself is intact and good condition. Fitted with a leather covered detachable saddle, girth and stirrup leathers also in leather. The martingale is in red leatherette, reins, bridle and stirrups missing. Remnant mane is synthetic, mane on strip is worn away. Glass eyes, wood muzzle, legs and internal frame, support stuffed body. Mounted on a wheeled base, red paint finish with tin plate metal wheels and solid rubber tyres. Toy horses of this type were produced in large numbers in pre-war Germany, and continued post war in East Germany with little change except for new materials such as leatherette.

Height 24"

Body Length 17"

Length Overall 25"
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Germany was a major exporter on toys prior to the Great War, especially to the UK and USA. Hide covered horses, often on pull or push along trolleys, toy horses mounted on chidren's carriages, with motion imparted by a cranked front wheel, either pushed or driven by the child using pedals were very common. Into the 1920, calfskin gave way to plush, cast wheels to pressed steel, with rubber tyres and other minor changes reflected the growing need to cut costs in an increasingly mass market.

Many of these toy factories were in East Germany post war, and struggled on with little change in the post war decades, save for some new synthetic materials.

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