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Haddons rocking horse


  • Black Haddons rocking horse
  • Haddons rocker
  • haddons rocker pony
  • haddons pony model
This is a restored Haddons Rockers pony model. The restorer has repainted the horse as a dark chestnut with white socks. The leather bridle and reins are fixed, with a  detachable Haddons saddle with stirrups. He has a dark chestnut to black natural horse hair mane and tail. The stand is sound and in good condition, reinforcing strips have been added to the hollow pillars. All in good condition and full working order. (Pre-owned)
Height 41"

Body Length 26"

Length 54"
Contact Details
Haddons Rockers are post war manufacturers of rocking horses in GRP. Originally based in Oxfordshire, they relocated to Essex in the 80s. GRP is realistic, being based on moulds of fine antique horses. GRP is also light and durable, with many of these horses still going strong at over 50 years of age.
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