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Antique toy train

Swallow Toys Train
Antique toy train.

Made circa 1930-50, this toy was large enough for a small child to sit in and probably pulled along.

Made from plywood, with steel brackets and axles, the wheels are rubber rimmed pressed steel. The boiler part is rolled tin plate, tapering towards the front. Fittings are in wood.

This train was painted red, with green trim and gold detailing. All original and in good condition for it's age. All appears to be complete with the exception of the towing handle. The wheels are painted blue, brackets and axles green, all in good condition apart from some light rust.

Slight delamination of the ply in the cab roof has been repaired.

Swallow Toys trademark is present on the top of the cab, with some wear, remnants of Swallow Toys N17 can just be made out.

This model appears in Woodrows 1935 catalogue, described as the finest engine obtainable at the price, although that one has wire spoke wheels, it is highly likely that pressed steel ones were fitted on later models.

Height 21.5"

Width 12"

Length 33 "


Swallow Toys were a remnant of the original Lines company who commenced trading on the demise of George Lines and the take over of his company by his sons (Lines Bros/Triang)

Lines Bros was a company formed after World War 1 by George and Walter Lines, sons of Joseph Lines who had founded the famous Lines company. Lines Bros became Triang in 1927 and went on the absorb the parent company and for a while become the largest toy maker in the world. They are renowned for their sportiboy model, available in a number of sizes it featured a detachable saddle, bowler hat covers on the irons and pillar tops and the distinctive circular, later triangular triang badge.
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