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Bow rocking horse by Pig and Whittle

Circa 1980-2000

This is a strong and sturdy bow rocking horse, attributed to "Pig and Whittle", though we have no provenance on this maker. It is a natural hardwood finish, with an unusual pose, the front right leg being raised. The bow is well built and usually wide, giving a more stable rocking platform.

The leather tack includes a detachable bridle and reins, a fixed leather saddle, with leather saddle flaps and adjustable stirrup leathers.

Max Length 75"
Max Height 43"
Max Width 31"
Body Length 27"

We do not have any information on "Pig and Whittle", though over the years there have been many small scale makers. We would estimate that this rocking horse is about 20-30 years old.

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